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ELARMORE is your complete technology solution. Who likes to be put you on hold with a Computer Tech? Do you find yourself attempting to explain a problem, that you really don't understand yourself. ELARMORE can cut through all the terminology for you. Your problem becomes ours; we speak the same language to get results for our customers. ELARMORE delivers the services you need to ensure your computer systems are available to conduct your business. With expertise in hardware systems, and network support, our highly skilled team keeps your systems up and running. Highly trained personnel will come out and correct your computer, network or printer problem to get you back up and running.

Confidentially is one of our main priorities for our customers. Your data is your business, and we will not share or compromise your data in anyway.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed everytime and on-time.

ELARMORE services include (but not limited too):

  • Install, maintain and upgrade Desktop PCs and peripherals

  • Install, maintain and upgrade Notebook PCs and peripherals

  • Install, maintain and upgrade Servers and peripherals

  • Network-enabled and high volume printers

  • Network appliances

  • All aspects of Networking - from Architecture design and setup to Administration, (Shared files and equipment; Hubs, switches and routers - Wired/wireless and peer-to-peer)

  • Windows NT and NetWare operating systems

  • Anti-virus and Spam/Spyware control (Removal and control of viruses/trojan horses and spyware


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