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Elarmore Computers L.L.C. is a small to medium computer and networking company specializing in education, non-profit, home-offices, and medium size business. We are PC/Mac based company offering a full-line of installations from Servers / Desktops hardware and software problem resolution company. Elarmore Computers job is to take the Blues Out Of Computing. We understand that down time can mean the difference between making money and losing. Elarmore Computers will help you work smarter, run an efficient business to make you more profitable. We can take the guest work out computing. Our job is to identify problems and lead you through the confusing terminology of the Computer Industry.

We can upgrade you from a modem to High Speed Internet or speed up your PC with a simple memory upgrade. We can offer you much more than a large Corporate who only see you as an account number. We know you as a customer. Your problems in computing become our problems we know solution that Big Guys don't.

Elarmore enters the game with over twenty years of experience and a can do spirit. We want to help you to build and grow your business. If you succeed, we all gain. It becomes a win-win for everyone.

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